UFO’s – Unfinished Objects!

UFO’s – Unfinished Objects!
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UFO’s or unfinished objects. Most of us have them. We never intend to start a project and not quite finish, or ahem, not even start them. I decided in December that I need to ‘fish or cut bait.’ I have many unfinished projects, material and patterns that I bought to make taking up valuable storage space. I am giving myself a year to finish these projects. If they are not finished within a year I am going to donate them and hope that someone will make use of them.

I did a deep dig and rooted out all the project bags I had stashed in the extra bedrooms and sorted through my fabric stash. I evaluated whether I would even want to finish the project and if the answer was ‘no’, I put that project in our donation pile. I plan to intersperse the UFO’s with sewing clothes for Henry and my other regular sewing.

Here is my first UFO work in progress to tackle.

‘Baby Alice’ is now about 7. This UFO will be finished in 2017!

I started this dress about 7 years ago for a coworker’s daughter. It was a very busy time for me and when Alice outgrew it before I even started, I put it away. I plan on finishing the smocking in the next couple of weeks. This was a great first project to start with because I can do the smocking while I ‘watch’ Nature or some other educational program on TV with Charlie in the evenings. This way we can be together while I create. (I am so not a TV person.) I will work on it in bits and pieces as I have down time. That is the beauty of hand sewing.

I do not have a little girl on the horizon for this, so will probably donate it to The Little Sisters of the Poor in Mobile to sell in their gift shop. It would make a nice little Easter dress. The Little Sisters do wonderful work for the elderly and it fills my heart with joy to help in whatever way that I can. Charlie is in the deacon formation program and we have classes at the Little Sisters one weekend a month. I am impressed and inspired by their wholehearted giving. The way that the sisters so cheerfully donate all their work and effort to helping others makes me want to be a better person. As I finish this UFO, I also think of the Little Sisters and say a prayer of thanks for their goodness.

Do you have any UFO’s that you are working on? I would love to hear about them!