Sewing Sweet Baby Boy Clothes

Sewing Sweet Baby Boy Clothes
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As soon as John and Allie told us they were expecting Henry, I ran to my favorite sewing shop in Auburn Stitch Therapy to look for fabric and baby patterns. I needed an outlet for all of my excitement and joy. Since we initially did not know if he was going to be a boy or a girl, I needed to sew gender neutral clothing and I needed to start ASAP. Sewing emergency, I am going to be a grandmother and I need to make something for my baby NOW! Have you had those moments where you feel like you will burst if you can’t make something for someone you love? I have had so much fun sewing for Henry. Since there are two states between us, we do not get to see him as much as we would like. I find that sewing special outfits for him helps me feel more a part of his daily life. Charlie gets involved too and will choose which fabric or embroidery design I will sew up next. (That totally surprised me. He genuinely likes to be part of the creations. Must be that mystical thing that happens when you become a grandparent.)

I also had the opportunity to complete one of my UFO’s – unfinished objects, a baby daygown that I started when taking a class and never finished because I got sidetracked. I loved the sweet lace, the sheen of the satin batiste, and the contrast of the ecru Swiss insertion. Can you tell I love fabric?

When we learned Henry was a boy, I went on the hunt for baby boy patterns and fabric. Before he was born I must have completed a couple dozen outfits in various sizes. Unfortunately there are not as many options for baby boy patterns as there are for baby girls. So even though I had four romper patterns, many of them were so similar you could not tell much of a difference. (My favorite romper patter is Taylor by Children’s Corner. I just love a bubble! Perfect for little chubby legs.) I had so much enthusiasm for sewing Henry outfits that Charlie cautioned me that I might be making too many and maybe I should check with Allie to see if she needed anymore in the current size. Hhmmm, what could make Charlie think I was going overboard? Perhaps the picture below showing the result of a three night after work sewing jag. The first month after we found out Henry was a boy I think I made an outfit every evening. A little cray cray in retrospect. Fortunately Allie loves the handmade clothes and we love to see Henry wearing the outfits I have made.