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Sewing a quick washable dog bed cover – New bed for Martin!

Sewing a quick washable dog bed cover – New bed for Martin!
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Martin needed a new bed for inside the house. Charlie was adamant that he did not want to buy another cheap bed that would wear out quickly or that we could not wash. Martin loves the boys’ old floor pillow that is on the back porch and Charlie wanted something like that. While I was out running errands I stopped in to the local JC Penny to check out the store closing sale. I found a fancy looking pillow that looked like it was a good size for Martin and at 80% off I thought it was worth a chance. I had some leftover denim material and a zipper at home, so decided I would just make a cover for the pillow and call it a dog bed.

Pillow bought on sale will become Martin’s new bed.

I had just enough denim. This made me happy to know that I could use up something I had in my stash, hence justify my stash, and that I could knock this project out quickly. It would have been a 10 minute project except I decided to personalize it and put Martin’s name on it.

This is not a fancy bed by any means. If I had more material I would have given it a better shape, boxed it off, added a handle, etc. You get the drift. Still, I think it turned out to be a pretty practical bed for our little dog.

The pillow measures 24 inches square and is about 4-5 inches thick depending on how hard you smash it. I had 2/3 of a yard of 60 inch wide denim. I cut out two 28 inch pieces and had enough scrap for zipper tabs.

For the zipper tabs I cut two three inch rectangles from the strip of denim I had leftover. I folded the tab in half and placed the tab across the 24 inch zipper where I wanted the end of the zipper to be. I did this at both ends of the zipper making sure that the folded edge was straight and that the zipper teeth would close all the way. The raw edges of the zipper tab will be in the seam allowance, so no need to worry about them.

The zipper tab covers the gap you might have at the zipper pull end and it gives the pillow a clean finish. Well worth taking the couple of minutes to do.

I then sewed the zipper on the side of the cover. My zipper foot and clips make it a quick and easy job.

Sewing the zipper to the side opening. Those little clover clips sure do make the job quick and easy.

I then top stitched along the zipper so that the fabric would not get caught in the zipper teeth. After that I unzipped the cover most of the way, placed wrong sides together and used my clips to quickly secure the remaining three sides. I stitched it together with a half inch seam allowance and then clipped the corners and trimmed the seams with pinking shears since this bed cover will be washed frequently. I turned the cover right side out through the open zipper and called it done. I did not take as many pictures as I probably should have. That is the downside of midnight sewing!

Here is the finished dog bed. I will update the post when I can get an action shot of Martin using his bed. Or would that be an inaction shot?

I used an orange zipper to coordinate with the embroidery – just because I can!
Dog bed is open for business!