How to Quickly and Easily Remove Kam Snaps from a Garment

How to Quickly and Easily Remove Kam Snaps from a Garment
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I think I jinxed myself in the last post by mentioning how easy the Kam Snaps are to remove if you have one that you accidentally crush or if you put them in backwards. I was adding snaps to a romper that I am making for my daughter-in-law’s sister and evidently I cannot add snaps and talk with Charlie at the same time! I put them in opposite of how I should and they had to come out. So I figure I might as well show you how I do it. The good news is it took less than 5 minutes including rounding up supplies and taking pictures. Basically you are going to melt the prong that you inserted and clamped/crushed to secure the prong piece with the smooth cap and the female/male end. Once you melt that prong the two pieces can be easily pulled apart and removed from the garment.

Here is my fancy sophisticated snap removal tool.

Kam Snap Melting Tool – A sacrificial fork and something to put underneath the snap so that you do not burn yourself.


Step 1 . Find a fork that you are not overly fond of and are prepared to sacrifice for the good of sewing. I have used this one before, so it is now my dedicated snap removal tool. You will also want something to put underneath the snap/garment so that you do not burn all the way through the plastic and burn your finger with the hot fork and even hotter melted plastic. That’s a little experience speaking. You can burn through the plastic so quickly that you will want to have that protection underneath – but I get ahead of myself.

Step 2. Heat one of the fork tines in a flame for about 20 seconds

Heat one of the tines on your fork for about 20 seconds.

Step 3. Place the fork on what was the prong on your snap piece and melt that prong. See picture below to see where you will melt. When you do have the fork tine heated and ready to melt, it works best if you go straight on as opposed to an angle. You will melt through the prong more quickly and then just pull the two pieces apart. Note – I took the photo below before I heated the fork so I could take the picture without setting up the tripod. When I am using the hot fork I am careful to not have any of the hot fork tines touch the fabric.

See this piece at the center, this is what you want to melt. When it its melted the two pieces will easily come apart.

I removed 4 female and 4 male snap pieces from this garment in about 5 minutes. The photo below shows a few of the melted snap pieces.

Kam snap pieces that were melted and removed.

In a matter of minutes I have the snaps removed and I will pay closer attention as I replace the snaps. So if you have one of those dagnabbit moments and have to take out a snap, know it is not going to take too much time and is easy peasy! I hope this helps!