Heading to Zero Waste – What does it mean and how do you do it?

Heading to Zero Waste – What does it mean and how do you do it?
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I have  to say I am loving the zero waste movement. I love goals. I love projects. I love nature and I love sustainability. So zero waste catching my eye and heart is not a surprise. There is a lot of good information out there and what I love is that there is a lot of positivity. People out there offering advice without getting all angry and mean. We can always use more kindness. Heading to zero waste does not mean zero fun or giving up the things you love. It is all about doing more to live a life that reduces our impact on the planet. Bea Johnson and Kate Arnel both have some really good zero waste YouTube videos.

Charlie and I have recycled for years. We used cloth diapers on the boys back before using cloth was ‘cool’. We compost and we ‘only’ throw out about a kitchen can of garbage each week. [We can definitely work on reducing our trash.] This zero waste movement is a reminder for me to examine what we are consuming, the packaging of what we purchase, and where we can make some changes. I am definitely not judging! Jesus (and probably country music) has a saying about that. I am looking at this as a personal journey. I am taking the low hanging fruit and making some changes. Some things we have already done is purchasing less, so that we are not wasting. Examining the containers and packaging of our frequent purchases and seeing if there is another option. (I am going to try making yogurt in my Instant Pot.) I have also made some produce bags out of materials from my fabric stash and will be posting a tutorial soon. My sister’s family and Charlie and I go pick apples every fall. I am making some bags for the apples when we go picking so that we do not have to use the plastic bags from the orchard. (And I am monogramming them just because I can!) I am using some great canvas fabric I have in my stash and am making them pretty because it makes me happy. Speaking of which, I need to get busy! 

Here is a sneak peek at the half bushel apple picking bag I am making.

Using leftover fabric and bits of my scraps to make my apple picking bag ‘fancy’. Just because . . . .

I have a long way to go to hit zero waste, but I am truly inspired. What has inspired you lately?