A Summer of Sewing for Babies

A Summer of Sewing for Babies
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These past couple of months I have had a lot of fun sewing for babies. This summer our friends and family are welcoming three boys and a girl. Allie and her sister are expecting boys a week apart! I bought some adorable fabric that I can’t wait to sew up. I had a few projects I needed to complete first before I could start new projects. Here is a quick peek at some of what I have been working on.

I have made several of these boxy bags to give as gifts. These are so quick to make and practical too.
I made these coasters out of scrap fabric with PUL and batting sandwiched between them. They work great and the bonus is they cost me nothing but a little time. I am using these at work, so they kind of fit in with the Auburn Tiger theme.
A baby shower gift for Allie’s sister Elizabeth. A wet bag, romper, and a boxy cosmetics bag she can bring to the hospital.
A closeup of James’ day gown. I love the lace and Swiss insertion. So worth the multiple steps it takes to do – entredeux to fabric, entredeux to lace, lace to entredeux, entredeux to insertion . . . . I love sweet heirloom clothes on babies. Perfect for a homecoming gown.
Newborn James coming home from the hospital.
Coordinating outfits for late summer. A 3 mo baby romper for James and a John John for Henry. Charlie is the master at picking out embroidery designs, buttons and snap colors.
Henry and Pop hanging out playing. Henry is wearing one of several t-shirts I embroidered for him. He likes the appliqued octopus.
Henry in a John John with little snails. John Johns are so cool and comfortable on hot summer days.
Henry is on the move in his Nana made John John!
Henry and Pop playing on the playground. I could not resist another Henry photo before closing out the post!

Thanks for spending some time with me. What have you been working on this summer?

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